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 In the promotion of her latest album, Happier Than Ever, Billie Eilish teamed up with Beat Saber to release a music pack of her greatest hits. And if you've been around the internet in the last 3 years, you'll know that Billie's fans are some of the most loyal and attentive fans out there. So in order to engage them as fellow Eyelashes, we wanted to put them to work to guess the songs featured in the game.


Taking inspiration from Billie's latest Old-Hollywood-glam era, we set to create a literal buzz around the game launch. And what better way to tease the announcement than with a series of animated neon illustrations? We combed the web, scouring message boards, blogs and fan comments. I personally watched hours of music videos in order to find the deepest cuts that only real Billie Eilish fans would pick up on. We then dropped the clues days before the music pack release, issuing a challenge to Beat Saber and Billie fans alike - can you guess what 7 songs are featured on Beat Saber's latest music pack? 

Sr. CW: Eric Mayse | Sr. AD: Natasha Ygsi

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