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Opioid overdoses kill 116 Americans every day, and addicted individuals can easily find themselves in prison. Although opioid addiction can end in death or imprisonment, its beginning is usually inane — a simple painkiller prescription. Despite these facts, patients willingly accept and even ask for prescribed opioids, perhaps unaware of the horrific potential consequences.


A common symbol of prescription medication in the U.S. is the plastic pill case. In these ads, a pill case is CGI-rendered into a  grim reality of opioid addiction. The renderings are rich in story and detail, featuring 14 unique characters in 14 unique environments. Each character is hyper-realistic and based on the stories of those who have lost the battle against opioid addiction. These prisoners and cadavers trapped inside pill cases are eye-catching and alarming — a powerful symbol of the human cost of the opioid epidemic.

Featured in the December 2018 edition of Lürzer's Int'l Archive, and 'Caskets' was awarded a Bronze Health Clio in the Disease Awareness Print Category.


GCD: Nick Allegri | CD: David Santiago | ACD: Dan Miller | CW: Tanner Wadsworth | AD: Natasha Ygsi

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