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HVR x HVR: Double Ranch Collab


To launch Hidden Valley Ranch's new campaign we sought to supplement TVC through an activation that partnered with the only other brand in the world as serious about flavor as we have. (Spoiler alert, that brand's Hidden Valley Ranch.)

So together with ourselves, we made Double Ranch. Double the herbs. Double the spices. Double the flavors. And, of course, double the bottles. Shaped like the ubiquitous collab X, of course. Because is it really a brand collab if there isn’t an ‘X’ involved? (And no we’re not talking about Xzibit… although he was a fan ;) ) And we didn't stop there. Because why launch this collab just on the internet alone? Instead we took our X bottle to the mecca of hyped-up collaborations: Complex-Con. 

We even picked up a little shoutout from the one and only, Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

Stay tuned for more to come on this one...

CD: Miles Jappa | CD: Bryant Prince | ACD: Natasha Ygsi

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